MCQ Questions, Class 9 (History)

The French Revolution

France Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a Republic

  1. King Louis XVI entered into secret negotiations with the king of ______.

a) Japan

b) Russia

c) Prussia

d) England

2. In which year did the National Assembly vote to declare war against Prussia and Austria?

a) April 1789

b) April 1792

c) April 1770

d) April 1795

3. the National Anthem of France

a) Vande Matram
b) Roget de L Isle
c) Le Moniteur Universal
d) Marseilles

4. What was Jacobins?

a) A socialist group of France

b) A political club of France

c) A drinking club of France

d) An entertainment club of France

5. Which group of people did not join the Jacobin club?
a) Artisans
b) Shopkeepers
c)Daily-wage workers
d) Men with property

6. Members of the Jacobin Club were known as
a) Conservatives
b) Revolutionaries
d) San-culottes

7. Who was the leader of Jacobins?

a) Mirabeau
b) Jean-Paul Marat
d) Maximilien Robespierre

8. When did the Jacobins storm the Palace of the Tuileries?

a) on August 12, 1795

b) on August 10, 1793

c) on August 10, 1792

d) on September 10, 1792

9. What was the newly elected assembly called?

a) the directory

b) the Estates-General

c) the Convention

d) the National Assembly

10. when the Convention abolished the monarchy and France declared as a republic

a) September 22, 1792

b) September 21, 1792

c) October 21, 1792

d) October 22, 1791

11. On what charges were Louis XVI of France sentenced to death?


b) Treason

c)Helping Austria

d) None of the above

12. when was Louis xvi sentenced to death on the charge of treason

a) January 25, 1793

b) January 23, 1793

c) January 21, 1793

d) January 27, 1793

13. Which period in the history of France is known as the Reign of Terror?

a) 1793 to 1798

b) 1793 to 1799

c) 1793 to 1794

d) 1793 to 1799

14. The word ‘Guillotine’ during the French Revolution-era refers to
a) Beheading a person
b) Awarding a person
c) Taxing a person

d) Threatening a person

15. When Robespierre was arrested?

a) 27 July 1794

b) 28 July 1794

c) 29 July 1794

d) 30 July 1794

16. What was Directory?

a) a five-member committee

b) a seven-member committee

c) an elected body of French citizens

d) an elected body of Estates General

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